Sunday, April 16, 2006

Shut The Fuck Up, Ed Wade

I can think of few people in baseball -- or in the real working world, for that matter -- who are truly objective and fess up to their abject failures after they get fired from a job. Ed Wade is no different, and the pile around him appears to be deepening.

To hear the ex-Phillies General Manager tell it to Fox West, he had a Soviet-style ten-year plan to remake the team in his image. What an arrogant wretch. This guy goes from PR flack to assistant GM, and when he finally pops his cherry with a real GM job, he gets snookered time and again in trades and long-term contracts. That's quite a ten-year plan -- if you secretly worked for the Braves.

You know, as incompetent as the owners are – and that has been detailed ad nauseum by local sportswriter Paul Hagen -- they're also a convenient excuse for every field manager or front office bungler. In Wade's case, he's saying the money rug got pulled out from under him. There's a reason for that. Even the moronic ownership can see how foolishly he spent their capital. To this day, thanks to Wade, we have two automatic outs in the everyday lineup named Lieberthal and Bell who will collectively “earn” $12.2 million for their mediocre efforts. Who did that? The Easter Bunny?

This is not to say that Wade was perpetually unchecked. For all we know, we could have had David Wells tied up in a five-year contract courtesy of that pud, but the inbred owner idiots probably stopped that lunacy.

It’s time for this doofus to shut the fuck up. He’s a scout for the San Diego Padres; the weather’s paradisiacal, the sushi is fresh. IQ is less valued in Southern California than the rate of botox in your lips, so take a healthy dose, Eddie, and watch you don’t get a hook in your mouth the next time you go fishing for answers about what happened in Philly.


Anonymous KoolEarl said...

Somebody should remind Special Ed that the Cleveland Indians managed to dismantle and re-tool and it took them all of 3 years to become a legitimate contender.

19/4/06 11:42 PM  

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