Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Okay, Franklin. Give Us The Pictures!

So over in the fan forums in cyberspace, Phillies fans are fretting about Backwoods Chollie’s decision to cede the game last night against the D-backs by inserting Ryan Franklin in the 11th inning.

It has also been remarked in that contentious world that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In the Phillies case, fans have watched -- much to their chagrin -- Franklin’s repeated use in close and late situations, and rarely has this career loser shut the door.

If it’s not insanity, it has to be extortion. Somewhere, under lock and key, Franklin must have pictures of Chollie fucking a pig. How else can he justify trotting this guy out unless he’s mopping up a mess?

The plaintive cries in the digital woods were well-founded immediately after the ball game, because there were two other relievers – Geoff Geary and Fabio Castro – who Chollie could have used instead of Franklin. But old bumbling butthole believes in confidence-building through losing, especially if the player grew up as backward as he did. Franklin hails from Oklahoma, which is bad enough, but last week admitted he may not have it in him to be a reliever; that was bad news for the team, because the comment evidently has bought Franklin more innings in Chollie’s estimation.

Considering the club took great pains in maintaining Fabio Castro’s place on the active roster, demoting a veteran pitcher, Clay Condrey to AAA when he was acquired, and more recently, designating catcher Sal Fasano for assignment when it could have just as easily kissed the unused Castro goodbye (as Sally pointed out as he packed his bags), I’m convinced that any of the aforementioned alibis can be deduced from tonight’s bad ending.

In short, Chollie’s insane, extorted, or just plain dumb.

So instead of the highly competent Geary (5-0, 3.29 ERA) or the untapped and dwarfish Castro, both hurlers sat in the bullpen and got a fantastic field-level view of the solo homer the de-steroided Franklin surrendered to the first batter he faced, Carlos Quentin, who debuted as a major leaguer just five days ago and has been permitted to work for his pay.

Castro, acquired June 29 from the Texas Rangers for Daniel Haigwood – one-third of the return the team received for Jim Thome – last appeared to confirm his existence July 6. Aside from that, he pitched the day after the trade. That’s been it. The totals are clean: Four innings, one hit, no runs. Not bad. So what’s wrong with this guy?

Maybe a better question would be what’s so right about Franklin?

Where’s the pictures, asshole?


Anonymous ChuckM said...

The fact that Franklin is a joke and Cholly is stunningly stupid for putting hinm in any tight game is a given, but I am really bummed about how Flash has fallen apart. Hey, there is no hope for this season, but I would like to see some decent individual efforts from time to time.

26/7/06 6:42 PM  
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