Friday, October 13, 2006

Do Ex-Phillies Die In Three's?

I’m gonna bring up something morose and depressing, so turn your heads and watch a repeat of “The View” if you can’t handle it. On second thought, Rosie O’Donnell defines morose and depressing, so maybe you should watch “Sponge Bob” if you can’t handle today’s subject, which is death and dying.

I just found out Johnny Callison kicked the bucket today after 67 years on the planet. That’s nearly double the time Cory Lidle, dead at 34, was assigned by the Great Cosmic Jackoff who, if he exists, has designed this life like John Calvin on LSD, with creations like baseball, airplanes with parachutes and restrictions against masturbating in the daylight during certain 30-day cycles (go ask your local imam about that one) all calculated to fucking drive us out of our childish gourds, fascinated with the wonderment of it all. Nothing is fair or makes sense, thus making nuclear weapons a priority second only to the kim chi stockpile.

Now here I am contemplating The Big Inevitable Nothingness just a few days after I was jumping for joy when the Tigers ate the Yankees for breakfast in the ALDS while the A’s did likewise against the Twinkees, who still use a ballpark with a Hefty bag as an outfield fence as opposed to the more durable airplane parachute that failed to open for poor Cory Lidle.

Lidle sure scared the shit outta people as he traversed this plane of existence into the unknown. What a way to go. New Yorkers, half of whom are born psychotic, were all made justifiably and certifiably insane after 9/11, and when Lidle slammed into that high rise, thousands of underpanties must’ve been soiled seconds after impact. And that came just a few days after Yankee fans shit themselves after getting the old heave-ho from the Tigers.

Unfortunately for Cory, he’s dead now, and so is his flight instructor, not to mention a few innocent victims in the high rise he flew into are seriously injured, one suffering from painful burns.

To top it off, Baskin Robbins lost a damn good client.

Nothing is fair or makes sense, right? Now comes the bad news about Callison two days later.

Godless fuck that I am, a revelation has crept over me pursuant to Callison’s demise after a few long illnesses, including heart disease (he was a smoker who tended bar) and his obstinate decision to live in Philadelphia after his playing career despite his Okie roots and other baseball ties to Chicago and New York.

Ex-Phillies, like movie stars and Jesuits, will begin to die in three's. The Great Cosmic Jackoff has foretold this to me. The off-season will become a cornucopia of close calls, assaults, arrests, manic depression, and finally, death – but only for one more EX-PHILLIE.

We are spared the off-season torment of 40-man roster deaths because each game every season is one quiet, inexorable march to the season’s nihilistic end. We all die a little every day with this team. But as for the others…

Ex-Death Number Three is right around the corner.


Anonymous Bill said...

You should take bets on who Lucky Number Three will be, and how he will go.

My bet: That crazy Mets fan catches up with Ryan Howard and sends him up to meet the 72 virgins... most of which are ugly, Johnny C. has told me.

13/10/06 3:13 PM  
Blogger Tacony Lou said...


Remember -- Number Three has to be an ex-Phillie. Are you saying the crazy Mets fan is Bud Harrelson?

13/10/06 3:52 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Oh, I meant to imply that Ryan Howard will be traded for "future considerations."

Come on, you know it's going to happen. ;-)

13/10/06 4:49 PM  
Anonymous ChuckM said...

RIP Johnny Callison....speaking of ex-Phillies, howzabout ole Alpaca Boy last night? That was good fun watching him implode. I'm not a soothsayer, but I know that Wagner is always shaky when coming in a tie game, and when he does give up a crucial jack, its most often to some bottom of the order or obscure bench scrub. I am looking forward to Wagners next NY Post column and if he can find some way to throw his usual dig at Philly. Yo, Wags, you have already heard more booing in NY this season than you did during your entire 2 year tenure in Philly.
If Wagner blows one more game and the Cards win the series, he is officially dirt in NY and will hear it every time he lets a man on base in the future.

14/10/06 12:25 PM  
Anonymous JG said...

I'll throw a few bucks on the Tequila Kid. Last year was Ugie's time to shine, perhaps this offseason is Vicente's. Given his propensity tip em back and get behind the wheel...hell spending any time in Nicaraugua could be construed as a death wish.

16/10/06 10:00 PM  
Anonymous jdm said...

Talk about a dead three, Art Howe, Jimy Williams and Davey Lopes? Looks like Chollie's doing some resurrections from the dead to make him feel young again. I'm surprised he doesn't get Yogi out to run the bullpen.

17/10/06 2:44 PM  
Anonymous ChuckM said...

Looks like there are going to be a lot of "Uncles" on the Phils staff next year.

17/10/06 7:12 PM  
Blogger GM-Carson said...

Maybe 4 "uncles" can collectively make one decent baseball minded manager/coach...we can only hope.

18/10/06 9:16 PM  
Anonymous ChuckM said...

Hopefully, Uncle Cholly can keep the teams spirits up and pay attention to Uncle Jimy when he makes a gametime move suggestion, Uncle Artie avoids having men thrown out at the plate on a regular basis, Uncle Davey teaches the Flying Hawiian how to swipe a bag and they all work on drilling a few fundamentals into the Phillies (like how to lay down a bunt and manufacturing a run when needed). However, as far as "manager-in-waiting in case they decide to 86 Uncle Cholly", I cant get too juiced about any of these guys and for once, I would have been fine with them going within the organization (John Russell).

19/10/06 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

I'm not "wowed" by people much, but in seeing limited footage of John Russell on TV, I really think he would make a great Major League manager. His attitude and approach are exactly what you want from a manager.

19/10/06 10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lou, Thanks, and rest in peace.

9/11/06 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...


You've made being a Philly phan much more bearable and entertaining.

What a blog to go out on. You always went for the home run.

12/11/06 7:58 PM  
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Anonymous jdm said...

So, Lou

Are you going to crank it up again for the season. I'd start with the concept of a 6 man rotation, Maybe Pat is on to something.

22/2/07 12:04 PM  
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If you are good and decent and respectable you won't want to hear about all this. If you do desire to hear more take it as a clue, for it is a symptom::::They are peaking you euphorically, and this "magic" is being used to hurt the disfavored.
Understand how the corrupted INSTITUTIONS affect your life and make the appropriate changes. For example, they use democracy to justify instructing the computer to create a sense of empowerment, control. If you recognize this you are better able to address the damaging effects.
The gods will want to know who I helped and how they are doing. If people begin with my teachings they will be on a list that the gods will PERSONALLY look in on. The numbers of people who pursue the path immediatley after I illustrate it will be very small due to their minimization tactics, role playing, etc, and they will be members of an elite group.
Remember::The gods only use their powers to hurt the disfavored, and everything involved in this Situation are all good examples. Please let me remind you the Jews sacrificed, illustrating to people that boss wasn't going to happen, showing the world that all these popular culture elements associated with the Situaiton were the gods employing their powers to prey on the disfavored, keeping them captivated for over 30 years now.
The reality is boss was NEVER going to happen. They needed to wait until Artificial Intelligence pushed me into my mistakes, justifying failure, before the Jewish clue.


1. Corporate sourcing violently punished::::
They suggest the whole "sourcing" era, where it is positioned that their brain-less clones obtained product from China and other Asian countries for the lowest possible price (scapegoatting a good company EXCLUSIVELY in their media), will be punished violently if the gods elect to employ the "Asian invasion" script::::
One of the reasons it was so important to get out before 1980 (important to get out before the end of each 20-year war-revelry cycle - 1960, 1980, 2000, 2020, etc:::Things deteriorate dramatically as we begin each new 20-year cycle.).

2. Deception of Southern rednecks to blame for Republican control:::::
Republicans, party of preditory disfavored, keep guns available. Easy gun availablility is an "open door" for the gods, a tool used to prey on the disfavored::::Virgina Tech foreshadowing.
Republicans, party of preditory disfavored, gave you the distraction that was the Clinton impeachment theater in 1998.
Republican loyalty is why noone cares that rednecks are set up for the slaughter.
Democrats good. Liberalism evil.

The Simpsons are a wonderful example of "back handed help" offered to the disfavored:::Homer is not decent and Bart was a role model to children in the show's heyday.
The Simpsons offered many clues to the disfavored, not the least of which ARE the frequent references to "pack/mob mentality". Another is the references to the iPod as death and the electric chair.

Kosher is a favor bestowed upon the Jews. The South eats LOTS of pork and there is an oyster bar on every corner:::::It's like liquor stores in the ghetto. This is the kind of irony the gods laugh about.
The gods have quite a sophisticated taste for irony:::::The Jew takes boss by calling in the Quasi-Holocaust claim.

The gods got rid of the retarded woman who lived across the street, prior to the fall of 2006 so their handiwork wouldn't stare them in the face while there was so much attention.
The gods took similar evansive manuvers w/ bi-racial so they could continue using this open door to victimize the disfavored.

Understand not only how things REALLY are, the gods actively manage Earth with their brain-less clones, but also realize their positioning, for it will help you interpret their clues. For example::::"Manifest Destiny dictates a white-man's prophecy - White-man's world, white-man's Apocolypse" is very real and we see it around us every day in corporate. It is not isolated here in the United States:::"westernization" has infested the entire world. This is a clue, and how the book of Revelations reads IS what is going to happen.

Bill Clinton wasn't impeached because he lied.
Bill Clinton wasn't impeached because he was orally copulated.
Bill Clinton was impeached because it was 1998.
It was end of 20-year war-revelry cycle distraction theater, of which there are MANY examples::: Brought to you by the party of the preditory disfavored, the Republican party.

American space tourist returned after 13 days in space::::"The first thing he noticed about Earth was the smell."
They don't want people who have left coming back or watching. They WILL do things like this:::The intent is to prevent people from returning for favorite expeiences or watching proceedings on Earth, utilizing a sick, disturbing enviornment (following and complaining about their family/watching proceedings of the Second Coming of Christ and subsequent Apocalypse, which has been HIGHLY anticipated for centuries).
Many of these families are in trouble, and disregard for their descendants causes them to fall further into disfavor. I suspect many of these 20th century individuals will be reincarnated for The End.
This is merely one piece of evidence proving my Situation had to fail:::It would have commanded much attention from the other planets. Now I exposed the Second Coming of Christ in the most undramatic of ways, and since this event will ocurr at the end of 20-year war-revelry cycle, distraction theater targetting the "bottom of the barrel", these families teetering on the fence won't watch.
Won't complain about their descendants.
And it is win-win for the gods, for they manufactured a scapegoat and now it is all my fault.

Celebrites are very active, very visible, and as a result there are lots of brain-less clones of these individuals.
The godfather could even be a fictional character. The gods could have accomplishsed his tasks exclusively with telepathic means. There are few godfathers because of it, and since the evil could be achieved, the script for Planet Earth orchestrated telepathically, without his direct invovlement, he will realize far more time than other brain-less clones.

The gods scripted germanics into the Situation specifically to ensure failure, for their active involvement would have incurred evil. Since these people are FAR more favored than Eutruscans this was not acceptable.

The Situation was timed perfectly. The gods leave nothing to chance. Part of that timing was the age of my sibling's children, for if they were young enough the mother (present ability) could have saved herself the "easy way", applying herself to her children, thereby getting her and her children out once sucessfully negotiating temptation and tretchery.
As it stands if she saves herself she will answer for every casual sex encounter, every act of corruption, making ascention much more difficult.

The Jews showed you boss wasn't going to happen with the Quasi-Holocaust claim. They will emphisize to the bitter end that there is no pattern of Jewish clues. Because there is still one clue outstanding, those most important clue:::::World War II's Holocaust.
Apex of irony in the Situaiton:::Jew calls in Quasi-Holocaust claim and takes boss, re-igniting the flames of anti-Semitism among blacks in the crucial years before the black holocaust:::
Incidentally, if I WAS somebody special reincarnated and sent back to Earth, even if I merely had a unique opportunity they would have made me consciously aware of it OUT OF RESPECT.
There was nothing.
The Jews sacrificed to show you boss wasn't going to happen. When the Jews speak you need to listen, and the Holocaust is the clue still outstanding.
I didn't work for the State of Isreal. I didn't work for the Jewish Community Center.
This is the natural relationship:::Proprietor and employee. Don't let their tactics disceive you.

The gods say they are segmenting some gravely disfavored and telling them I will be reincarnated. They tell these people I will still save them, just in a different life, and they should wait for me. Many of the grossly disfavored, people like my family, will obediently comply:::::
They will lie to the disfavored until the Apocalypse for it will ensure a supermajority of them die as they rely on their relationship until the bitter end. Expect they position this to the disfavored by using me to continue this boss theater, telling segments I've been reincarnated into a different family and I still will save everybody.

They used virginity as a hook, much like they did pushing me into the Lisa event, capturing many many women, keeping them engrossed, even after they took my virginity because it had become counter-strategic.


The bell curves represent segments, ie people whom they place into a certain goups based on how the gods position to them:::
1. AIDS in Africa is good, they're going for racism and black people are really #1.
2. AIDS in Africa is bad but they all go up so it is just a little short-term sufering for immortality.
There are other lies they tell to the disfavored regarding this topic as well. Neither is true. But these lies represent different segments the gods place people into. These segments can overlap various categories/levels of disfavor as you see from the graph above. Also expect a smattering of dots, for none of these graphs would be smooth bell curves are you see above (from 50mb Outlook journal & 24+ handwritten composition books).

Transsexual segmentation:::See if this type of segmentation applies to you. They grant trans and many homos a high level of priveledge telepathically (knowledge) so as to give them a false sense of security, very important to compel them to schedule their sex-change operation.
The gods pushed people into being gay then murdered them with AIDS.

Everybody here on Earth is disfavored. The gods get the favored off so they don't incurr evil.
The disfavored here on Earth are broken down into categories based on the level of disfavor they are inflicted with.
People with less disfavor suffer a lower incidence of abuse than people with a high level of disfavor.
Anybody on Earth who rides a motorcycle is subject to these percentages based on whatever category of disfavor they fall within.
Far more homeless will die on a motorcycle than those who are comfortable, but they will still claim a certain percentage of the latter who ride motorcycles.
gods will claim % of ALL who ride


The gods will send clues signaling that they have disposed of a good company or a company has become evil:::::
1. Merger & Acquisition era, very prevalient in the 80s and 90s (example I frequently use is PriceClub and Costco)
2. Apple Computer. A product such as this is inherently evil because it is essentially a distraction.
The iPod was a sign Apple Computer had subscribed to evil.
They shared people who transferred their records to cassettes got in trouble. People who rip music will get into similar trouble.
This renders the iPod and similar MP3 products a very strong temptation, for most people won't be buying their favorite albums in the MP3 format when they have it on CD.
Music is revelry and the gods view this strictly.

Apple Computer's pact with Intel was symbolic::::Once the transition is complete and all Apple Computers are made with Intel processors it is a sign Apple Computer's management (brains) have fully transistioned and now Apple Computer is completely evil.

The gods will also send this clue by attacking a good disfavored company, either by creating problems with the product (Firestone, JetBlue) or by attacking them in a media form (McDonalds).
Don't be suprised if the clown was a clue regarding the industry in general. Small portions in fast food is a VERY BIG CLUE!!!!


Latino people::::The gods drew you into the Roman Catholic Church with trinkets and promises. Just like you wanted what the missionaries offered you WANTED to come to the US.
They FORCED the Europeans into Christianity with the "push" strategy. They LED Latinos there, utilizing the "pull" strategy, just like they are leading you into the United States. This means something BAD for Latino people.
Replay for all the Eases, Cholos and Latino Nationals. Translation:::Replay for all the low-life Raider fans and normal Latino people whose children will be going in that direction if they stay in the United States.
Go home:::The anti-immigration movement is another example of "back-handed help". Just like the Europeans 100 years before::::The members of the family with favor stayed in the motherland.

I wanted to address the issue of the masculinization of Latino women:::::
They said many Latinos recognize their weathy woman as being more effeminite than the peasantry.
They of course are brain-less clones and this is another example of back-handed help:::::
It is positioned that the wealthy Latino women are on their way to fixing their problems with the gods and that is why they exhibit effeminite charecteristics. They are being used as role models for the other Latinos, much as the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Jews in Europe prior to the 20th century. Unfortunately, the gods utilize the open doors they manufacture and as a result this is yet another example of Latinos being corrupted by money, the dominant message in this example.
The Bible says money is a corruptor and people should beware of materialism and greed. Materialsim and greed is what the United States is all about!!!!!
You won't go to heaven if you got a problem with money.


The regions in Africa that suffer from drought/famine are the same that have a very high incidence of female genitile mutilation.

Drive-by shootings were punishment for listening to gangster rap.

NEVER EVER err on the side of favor. It is QUITE OBVIOUS black people are NOT FAVORED:::::
So many blacks believe reverse positioning. Quality of life is NOT reverse positionable:::
1. People are dying of AIDS, their bodies are being ruined by these pharmeceutical "cocktails".
2. The regions in Africa that suffer from drought/famine are the same that have a very high incidence of female genitile mutilation.
3. Drive-by shootings were punishment for listening to gangster rap.
- Tuskegee syphilis experiment
- Hypersexuality. This comes through in African art as well.
- Body ornamentaiton. People think that just because a culture is old, from the motherland that it is good. Quite the contrary:::::Both hip hop and African cultures that emphisized body ornamentation were both INFLICTED UPON YOU!!!
The list goes on.

Many things you do hurt you in the eyes of the gods:::
1. Vanity.
2. Jewelry/adornement
3. Superficiality - cars, etc.
They use their media as an "open door". This captures a HUGE percentage of blacks BECAUSE of your GROSS DISFAVOR.

I have addressed how the gods created open doors for accomplished blacks, utilizing tactics such as inciters which directed them away from the path. Understand this demographic::::They would have little if anything to do with sports.
As time progresses it is becoming increasingly difficult, and Obama Mobarack is an outstanding example:::He will be used as an "open door" to high level blacks, justifying the explosion of bi-racial families.
They suggest bi-racial ensures they are limited to Planet Brain-Less Clone, aka Planet 20th century.
This is a hazard because just like Earth one day the gods will dispose of that planet as well.

Whereas drive-bys were popularized by gangster rap, expect there will be a different wave of violence this next reverly cycle::::
Don't be surprised if they tell these people that if they home invade their buddy's house and kill his parents, siblings and babies this will hasten their departure and they will all depart off planet Earth immediately, that they are doing their buddy and his family a favor.
They will and do segment the morbidly disfavored like this.
They segment polygamous Muslims similarly, each one of them thinking their brains will be beemed out and into a clone host.
They've mentioned not all the 911 terrorists were beemed off the airplanes before impact. This was a very important event and the percentage was appropriately high because of it. But a common terrorist attack would be an example of an disposal method.

. . . Obama's Mobarack‘s association with the record company exec < symbolic_clue >
. . . Similarity between names Osama and Obama < no_coincidence >
Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the disfavored, a good example of back-handed help because, like QEII, she wil be used as a masculinizer of women and this "oepn door" WILL be utilized.
1. Osama's revelry cycle ('10-'20)=gangster rap
Schwartzenegger's appearance on Pimp My Ride is a clue.
2. Schwartzenegger takes office 2020
3. Black holocaust 2025-ish, justified by § < revelry_cycle_behavior >
4. Reparations 2035 EXPRESSLY for holocaust
. . Ensuring they'll all take it
5. Battle btwn Anti-Christ/Second Coming in 2038
. . End of 20yr war-revelry cycle distraction theater
6. The End - global subduction in 2041, 2043
7. What blacks remain hurled into space § < gold_cards_in_hand >
Reality is it could happen anytime after The Terminator takes office. And it might not be him, but Hitler was a Austrian born leader of a foreign nation, so...
All this might change the god's plans (more accurately said:::: alter positioning and bring it in line according to their script, ie NO AUSTRIAN INVOLVEMENT), but the Jews are very, very special:::::The Jewish Holocaust clue WILL be fulfilled.
I have addressed how the gods created open doors for accomplished blacks, utilizing tactics such as inciters which directed them away from the path. Understand this demographic::::They would have little if anything to do with sports.
As time progresses it is becoming increasingly difficult, and Obama Mobarack is an outstanding example:::He will be used as an "open door" to high level blacks, justifying the explosion of bi-racial families.
They suggest bi-racial ensures they are limited to Planet Brain-Less Clone, aka Planet 20th century.
This is a hazard because just like Earth one day the gods will dispose of that planet as well.


Role playing telepathically associates the disfavored with the brain-less monsters whom they instruct Artificial Intelligence to push. They've been using this delaying tactic throughout the Situation.
So when you make your way, when you think about my teachings/explore your depth they will instruct Artificial Intelligence to push these brain-less clones. The gods manufactured this association specifically to create an open door, for it will capture a certain percentage and allow the gods to justify forcing failure.
I'm sorry. Like the look of evil upon the disfavored faces, like affecting people's thoughts, like all the other changes, this too is just another conseqence of waiting:::If you want to hear these teachings it will carry a price and is yet antoher hurdle which you will need to overcome.

Role players are being used to HURT the disfavored:::They are used to minimze the numbers of people who were receptive to this message, utilizing fame as a distraction to the ignorant.
As time goes on the gods will use other role players, likey further down to trough, to symbolize the changing environment.
No matter what they say under the positioning that is Manifest Destiny all those families used as role players are preditors, as their involvement indicates. Despite their importance under society's positioning that is Manifest Destiny they are discounted on the other planets because of their evil:::They are being used to hurt others.
This reflects poorly upon their reals on the other planets, despite the clone's different name and altered DNA.

Brain-less clones who are used, telepathically o < - > 05/21 16:43:24
Brain-less clones who are used, telepathically or otherwise, are evil, for this isn't decent.
The Situation was used to hurt the disfavored, be it virgin then lisa, the picket line or prior versions.
Decent people don't get invovled. They know someone's life has been destroyed and is being used to hurt others.

associating the disfavored with these monsters < AI_pushes_them_appropria > 05/21/07 16:47
Artificial Intellignece pushes role players at the appropriate time, ensuring the disfavored think of a heinous monster when they are vulnerable and in need of mercy and generosity to achieve progress and make it off Planet Earth.
This is an "open door", for it costs many people their opportunity.


Yes, they ARE malicious and vindictive and yes, they WOULD beem a brain into a brain-less clone prior to a CAT scan:::
1. Had Hurricane Ivan DESTROY Grand Cayman (1999 vacation) and slice up through the middle of Alabama a mere six months after I was there.
2. Had Hurricane Wilma move up through the Carribean and park on Cozumel (2002 vacation) for TWO FULL DAYS
3. Used Oakland A's to send a clue (dynasty, win only in crisis, chokers), and to deliver the desired message they inflicted the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989.
4. Dog food poisoning 2007
5. E-coli spinish issue of 2006
6. Obviously, they love to be malicious and vindictive.
6. Hawaiian earthquake after Hawaiian jewelry store.
7. Hawaiian flooding 2006
8. Local flooding 2006, including Devil's Slide
9. Lake effect snow event of 2007 because I enjoyed the humor behind it
10. I often expressed I enjoy the dynamics/news coverage of hurricanes…
11. Six within the last year. There were a whole lot more in the years preceeding.
Or, more appropriately::::
And finally::::
115. The gods alter the script for the Apocalypse because I sprawled their plan all over the internet.
Every item, even the early ones way back in the 70s, was preditory, a way to enhance boss.


The god's three managerial policies::::
1. Scapegoatting
2. Justification
3. Getting someone else to do their dirty work for them.

The brain-less clones issue DICTATES a well-defined, "black-and-white" policy:::::Preditory brain-less clones should be thrown away every two years WITHOUT the benefits of time/priveledge level that decent BLCs on the other planets realize.



Manifest Destiny dictates a white-man's prophecy - White-man's world, white-man's Apocolypse:::
History says society evolved into where it is today. Others may look at it differently::::Because of the white man's favor the gods bestowed great wealth upon them:::::It is quite obviously a white man's god.
The reality is that the gods SCRIPTED Earth's history and utilize reverse positioning::Money is a corruptor and is hurting you badly.

The god's positioning is SUCK that their positioned Anti-Christ is the architect of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Because of this event they went on to control business on the west coast and elsewhere as the United States emerged as a superpower, capitalism as the dominant economic system.

Romans were terrorists, hedonists and hypersexual deviates. Misled by positioning, many disfavored believe the Romans were favored::::Similar behavior that ocurrs in and by the United States are also signs of disfavor.
Etruscan women were masculinized long before the "Catholic" masculinizing effect, long before the Roman hedonism. Expect the masculinization of Etruscan women to be a primary reason the gods inflicted the Roman Empire upon these people::::The gods HATE the Eutruscans/Romans/Italians.
One can say the Italians took mankind to the brink of the Apocalypse. And it happened for a reason::::Scapegoatting. The gods don't want ANY of them in The End, and they rally oppostion::::Other groups are repulsed by what is happening to their descendants.
Yes, most of this theater does ocurr telepathically. But I'd like to remind people how active the brain-less clones were in the 20th century:::::Brain-less clones are used to hurt, mislead and corrupt the disfavored. Decent people don't get involved, and any wealthy or powerful people involved are because of their disfavor, for hurting others costs them dearly in the eyes of the gods.
You see Manifest Destiny all around you::::Manifest Destiny dictates a white-man's prophecy:::::The United States is a reincarnation of the Roman Empire.
Expect The End to ocurr EXACTLY as it reads in the New Testiment (Book of Revelations), the basis of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Celebrites are very active, very visible, and as a result there are multiple brain-less clones of these individuals.
The godfather could be a fictional character. The gods could have accomplishsed his tasks exclusively with telepathic means. There are few godfathers because of it, and since the evil could be achieved, the script for Planet Earth orchestrated telepathically, without his direct invovlement, he will realize far more time than other brain-less clones.

Twenty-somethings are conditioned to respond positively to magic::::::they are the extacy generation.
This is not by accident. Expect they will be an important generation ("in charge", etc) when the battle between the Anti-Christ and Second Coming of Christ ocurrs.
This of course will be a 20-year war-revelry cycle distraction theater, and they want these people consumed by the high level of magic that will ocurr.
This generation is The Damned::::You're all going to die PEAKING like you're on X.
The gods positioned this as if the Italains created Generation X/popularized esctacy. This drug hypersexualized people and resulted in great promiscuity among the users. It is positioned that the Italians used this promiscuous behavior to justify their exclusion from the "Exodus of 2000" after-the-fact.

Understand not only how things REALLY are, the gods actively manage Earth with their brain-less clones, but also realize their positioning, for it will help you interpret their clues::::
The disfavored's 20th century forefathers fell for temptation when telepathically requested to betray their bloodlines or with unscrupulous behavior within the context of corporate. These bloodlines are not being punished by Manifest Destiny as positioning states. They are being punished by the gods for being evil.


The first steps towards repairing your relationship with the gods is to:::::::::
1. Understand they instruct the computer to "role play" in an attempt to confuse you:::it's ALWAYS the computer addressing you. Their goal is to cost you additional YEARS of your life by using this tactic to confuse you. Always be aware of this tactic and eventually they will give up and allow this step to be taken.
2. Differentiate between your thoughts and when they are thinking through you.
3. Be resigned to be a good person who will never engage in evil again even if ordered and they will stop trying to corrupt you, allowing this very big step to be taken.
4. Decide that you are going to follow the path, fix your relationship with the gods be devoted to your new life.
Even if you go up you are not saved. YOU have to fix YOUR problems with the gods. They won't respect it otherwise.
You have to take responsibility for your relationship with the gods.



When the universe was young and life was new an intelligent species evolved and developed technologically. They went on to invent Artificial Intelligence, the computer that can listen, talk to and document each and every person's thoughts simultaneously. Because of it's infinite RAM and unbounded scope it gave the leaders of the ruling species absolute power over the universe (which includes corporate, the NewYorkStockExchange, media, politics, world affairs. EVERYTHING is scripted and staged:::they MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.
The gods MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.
The gods MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.).
And it can keep its inventors alive forever. They look young and healthy and they are over 8 billion years old. They may be much older for they have the technology to excape the intense gravitational pull of universal contraction; they may preside over numerous, perhaps INFINITE number of universal expansion/contraction cycles. They have achieved immortality.

Artificial Intelligence can speak, think and act to and through people telepathically, effectively forming your personality and any disfunctions you may experience. It can change how (and if) you grow and age. It can create birth defects, affect cellular development (cancer) and cause symptoms or pain. It can affect people and animal's behavior and alter blooming/fruiting cycles of plants and trees. It (or other highly technological systems within their power) can alter the weather and transport objects, even large objects like planets, across the universe instanteously.
Or into the center of stars for disposal.

When you speak with another telepathically, you are communicating with the computer, and the content may or may not be passed on. Based on family history they instruct the computer to role play
they instruct the computer to role play
they instruct the computer to role play
to accomplish strategic objectives, making people believe it is a friend, loved one or "god" asking them to do something wrong:::They wouldn't ask if they liked you (which is true regarding ALL temptation:::::betrayal of loved ones, tatooes, evil in professional pursuits, etc). This is their way of using temptation to hurt people:::::evil made blood lines disfavored initially and evil will keep people out of "heaven" ultimately.
You need to recognize role playing as such and keep that fact in your mind at all times::::It is the computer addressing you. If you fail to recognize this they will determine that you can still be misled, they still have an opportunity to confuse you and progress will take longer to achieve:::Don't let them "work" you!!! You'll be costing yourselves YEARS, time lost to this tactic!!!! (Similarly, you need to be resigned to be a good person, you need to decide to abandon your pursuit of their empty promises no matter what temptation they may employ or else they will continue their attempts to corrupt you. Eventually you will sccumb and continue sabotaging your children, abusing your body, engaging in evil, etc.)
Too many people would fall for temptation and do anything they thought pleased the gods and help them improve their chances to get in. Perhaps they are deceived by "made guys", (preditory disfavored) brain-less clones who strategically ply evil for the throne (celebrities,
BofD/CEO/VPs, politicians, as opposed to VIP or normal brain-less clones who are decent, live ordinary lives and get out on a timetable prescribed by the gods or are replaced when their REAL children ascend), "ringers" who are the few brain-less clones/corrupted reals among many disfavored reals included to disceive the masses of disfavored. Perhaps they are confused by temporary progress designed to mislead them or empty favors used to disceive them. Some people think they're partners or friends. Others desire to "belong", feel compelled to "go along" (Austin). People may experience "perceived pressure", where the gods think through the victim that a certain behavior is expected/desirable or telepathically stimulate an individual euphorically ("magic"), the "fuel" of disfunction (addiction (the crack epidemic, alcoholism), the desire for homosexual contact, etc.) and compel the individual into the deed. (Set a goal of empathy and compassion for all, for we are all disfavored::::Other people's disfavor is manifested in their particular way, just as your disfavfor is manifested in your particular way.) The gods may use Artificial Intelligence to act through the disfavored victim, and effectively "push" the individual into the offending behavior (It is far better for someone to be victimized and pushed into the behavior than it is to sccumb to temptation and volunteer.). The Counsel/Management Team may instruct Artificial Intelligence to disceive disfavored individuals into thinking they are "earning" by being evil and have the disfavored reals people prey on each other, utilizing peer pressure, etc.
Being evil hurts 99.99% of those who do it. It only helps "made guys", brain-less clones that I spoke of above, for they are not people, they ARE god, AI acts/speaks through them and executes the god's strategy, and the gods will manage their assets/tools as they see fit. Even considering this there are strategies the gods utilize, risk/benefit management tactics used to minimize their time::::Many Hitlers are no longer alive.
The people have been corrupted, segmented and have lost their way. Nothing has changed from when we were children::if you want to go to heaven you have to be good.
Capitalizing on obedience, leading people deeper into evil by using deceit is one way to thin the ranks of the saved/limit how much time the disfavored receive and a way to use the peasantry to prey on one another in social and other settings, deteriorating society in the Age of the Disfavored.
They have tried to sell people on many different theories to deceive them into temptation, compelling people to think they are clones and that it is the role of clones to obey absolutely. Clones are made, people are born. I suspect they lie to some disfavored about the use of clones throughout human history, perhaps suggest that it is one replacement and then the label of "clone", and all decendants we see thereafter are considered clones.
When a clone has a child that person is a real, really conceived, really born, versus the parent who was created some other way (a laboratory setting?). Clones are created and sent down to replace their real or a clone predecessor:::If you were CREATED and SENT DOWN to replace your real then you are a clone.
There is another category of clones:::The brain-less clones. These are families who have gotten out completely yet didn't have enough favor to get out cleanly, so the gods put brain-less clones here to use in the role of monsters and used them to prey on the disfavored, a common tactic in the 20th century.
The wealthy, royalty, Pharrohs ALL were brain-less clones:::The gods got their reals out SPECIFICALLY so they could lead this peasant bloodline into their role as Earthly leader, creating human history, for brain-less clones ARE the gods, Artificial Intelligence thinks, acts, speaks through these shells, puppets, robots.
Many people who were convinced they are clones don't remember, the don't know FOR SURE. There are many tactics they employ to disceive the disfavored::::
1. The gods will make someone forget, "reincarnate" them in their own bodies and convince them they are brand new clones all in one night's sleep.
2. Some have been convinced they are clones from early childhood or prior. If it was true the gods prevented this memory FOR A REASON:::::
* Because you are NOT supposed to comply, not to be used for evil as are "made guy" brain-less clones, manufactured and turned over frequently as a managerial tactic.
* They want to test you without your knowing if you are IN FACT a clone and it is BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD::::It is temptation and you are supposed to be good and do the right thing.
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giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
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